Turning passion
into Business

Since 2004, Resourcing Innovation has been a leading brand in Romania, serving a diverse range of clients in sectors like manufacturing, administration, and services. Over the years, we’ve established enduring partnerships with our clients by exemplifying best practices in the industry and maintaining a friendly, flexible approach.

Since 2023, Resourcing Innovation has become a representative and partner of Bitrix24.


We support the responsible growth of your business through advertising and consulting services.

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We closely address the needs of our business partners through ambitious and innovative advertising solutions.

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We offer consultancy services for the development and implementation of projects with non-reimbursable funding.


Working with you, we add extra value to the business environment in Romania.

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Our team

We invest in people because our growth has been driven by them. Our ideas have taken root because we collaborate with individuals who have shown us that business is not just about financial gain, but also about the opportunity to make a difference in your field, your community, and beyond.